Agile Requirements Management Workshop

In two days full of practical exercises you will strengthen your skills in agile product management. How do you arrive at a good product vision? How do you detail the requirements? How do you plan releases? How do you handle large or multiple projects? In this training you will apply many useful techniques to quickly get to a first product.

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In this training, the motto is "Learning by Doing". You will go through all the steps to develop your first product according to agile principles. This will make it easier for you to incorporate the content taught into your daily work – and quickly achieve your first successes. To ensure that this succeeds, you will receive a homework assignment in advance with two to four hours of effort, so that you can prepare the training optimally and get started right away.

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Experience-based, interactive training with simulations and flipcharts, no slides

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Accredited trainers who explain real applicable agile methods and principles, not an interpretation

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Dedicated training rooms in the wibas training center with innovative equipment, no hotels

Agile product vision

  • Creating a product vision 

  • Visualization of the product vision with the product vision board

  • Release planning and product roadmap 

  • Monitor the release schedule and forecast release dates 

Agile requirements

  • User Story Writing 

  • Epics and Requirements Breakdown

  • Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Done and Non-Functional Requirements 

  • Estimation techniques

  • Definition of Ready

  • Agile prioritization techniques (Magic Prioritisation).

Agile product planning

  • Product Boards

  • Personas

  • Release plan

Who is this training for?

This is an in-depth training. You should have acquired thorough Scrum knowledge before - through practical experience in the agile environment or in one of the following trainings:

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