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We are experts for organizational development. And for agile ways of working and agile mindset. If you are looking for a stringent approach paired with systemic thinking for your change, then we should talk.

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"Are you planning an agile transformation and wondering how to make it work? Then let's think together."

wibas accompanies your organizational development with change management principles

We support you in approaching a change in such a way that it is aligned with your company's business objectives. In other words, a change does not happen with us in a vacuum, but is individually tailored to the needs of your organization. We help you understand the operating principles of change in order to set up your company's organizational development and support it with appropriate techniques or interventions. We provide you with an outside perspective and feedback. With impact monitoring, we make transparent how well the change is taking hold in your company and measure the degree of goal achievement - at any time in your change process. In this way, we can always react together in time and, if necessary, make directional corrections. As experts for organizational development, we have many years of change experience and achieve success in small organizations as well as in very large ones with thousands of employees.

We can do organizational development.

We have years of experience in organizational change management. We don't talk much about that, because change is about an issue, not the change itself. That's why we say instead: Change, we can do that - and in a very special way. wibas stands for change processes that are stringent and open at the same time. The combination of agile and systematic techniques and thinking makes this possible for us. You can certainly rely on our change management expertise. So let's now move on to the transformation topics that we typically manage at the moment.

These customers trust wibas.

These customers trust wibas. 


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