What is an Agile Coach?

This is an abstract.

An agile coach supports organizations, teams, and individuals to adopt agile practices, methods, and frameworks and embed agile mindsets and values.

In our view, the goal of an agile coach is to promote more effective, transparent and adaptable ways of working within teams and the organization. This enables better results and solutions - and thus better products and services for customers.

Implementing agile ways of working is a great way to enable an organization to be more responsive and successful in the competitive market. However, as simple as it sounds, it can also be challenging to make major organizational changes and "stick to" their effectiveness. This is where an agile coach comes in. An agile coach helps individuals, teams and the entire organization make the necessary change. This change should be based on field-proven agile principles, practices, mindsets and values. This change helps people and organizations succeed in the ever-changing world of work.

An agile coach enters into an exchange with the organization.

In this exchange, there can be quite different activities. More typical activities are:

  • Consulting and support of organizations regarding agile ways of working

  • Supporting teams and organizations in terms of effectiveness in applying agile principles and practices.

  • Mentoring others in the implementation and adoption of concrete agile frameworks, principles and practices.

  • Facilitation of teams, groups and organizations to achieve higher quality collaboration and better results

  • Development of teams and organizations through guided self-knowledge and growth

  • Challenging the organizational status quo and promoting an agile set of principles, practices, mindsets, and values

Not all coaches are the same

The term coach is not protected. In different contexts, this term is therefore understood differently. In practical terms, this means: as an organization, you can deal with what an Agile Coach is and what makes a good Agile Coach. Otherwise, misunderstandings are inevitable.

Feel free to ask us about it. We have worked long and hard on this topic.


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