What are Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

OKR stands for "Objectives and Key Results"

OKR is a framework that combines strategy development and implementation.

It is based on agile values and principles (see agile Mindset). The OKR framework combines objectives with levers (key results) to achieve these objectives. Objectives and key results thus enable a focussed alignment to corporate goals that are adjusted on a quarterly basis.

Objectives define the target state, key results measure progress

Objectives represent concrete, qualitative descriptions that represent the desired state as already achieved. 

Key results are selected levers with which the objectives are to be achieved. In contrast to the objectives, the key results can be measured and directly influenced at any time. Ideally, the key results are multidimensional, i.e. they relate to different aspects. This increases the probability of achieving the respective objective.

OKR sets of 3 objectives with 3 key results each are widely used. 

The OKR cycle includes quarterly planning and coordination meetings

The OKR cycle typically lasts three months, during which a regular information and coordination process takes place at all decision-making levels of the organisation through various meeting formats such as planning, weekly meetings, reviews and retrospectives. These regular meetings ensure a constant overview of progress and challenges and allow goals and results to be continuously reflected upon and adjusted.

OKR-Coach and Objective Owners are important roles

One of the central roles in the OKR framework is the OKR coach, who introduces the framework and ensures that it is put into practice. It is also advisable to define owners for each objective who are responsible for achieving the objectives.

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