Playbook for SAFE

wibas Cadence Calendar for SAFe

Define the optimal event structure for your SAFe® implementation

Playful approach to properly apply the events in SAFe.

Once the decision has been made to implement SAFe® and set up an Agile Release Train (ART), a number of questions arise regarding the structure of the various events. SAFe® describes all events on the different levels, but leaves room for deciding how they look in detail. In addition to the SAFe® events, there are often other events to consider, such as meetings for the line organization. 

The wibas SAFe® Cadence Calendar provides a game-like approach to applying the events specified in the framework, enriched with best practices from our SAFe® implementation experience. Like all games in the wibas Playbook for SAFe®, this game is simple enough to allow participants to focus on content rather than the technique of the game.

The aim of the game

The goal of the game is to jointly structure and define SAFe® events for your organization. After the game, participants will have answers to questions such as "What kind of events do we need when implementing SAFe®?", "Who should participate in these events?", "When do these events take place?" or "What are the dependencies between events and participants?".

Game material

  • Game instructions: Game instructions as PDF

  • Virtual version: Miro Board as import file (rtb)

  • Excel file with the following worksheets:

    • Introduction: SAFe® standard events, best practices and customizable event templates.

    • Template I: An empty calendar with five two-week iterations

    • Template II: An empty calendar with five two-week iterations and with dedicated columns per event type, e.g. iteration, PI, etc. Sample Program Calendar: A simple Essential SAFe® example with standard events for one iteration and one PI.

Download and use the wibas Cadence Calender for SAFe®.

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