Playbook foR SAFE

wibas Puzzle for SAFe Events

Understand the cadences and events of Essential SAFe®.

Playful approach to learning

Developing new and innovative products is uncertain, complex – and doesn't work with a big, pre-prepared plan. Rather, it's important to constantly review and adjust the plan. In a large team of teams, this requires clearly defined cadences and synchronization points.

SAFe® implements this through the cadences "Program Increment" (8-12 weeks; default: 10 weeks) and "Iteration" (default: 2 weeks) and their associated events. Knowing and understanding these cadences and events is fundamental to any SAFe® implementation. The wibas Puzzle for SAFe® Events offers a playful approach to learn and understand this knowledge. Like all games in the wibas Playbook for SAFe®, it is so simple that participants can focus on the content knowledge rather than the game technique.

Puzzle for SAFe in use

The aim of the game

The goal of the game is to ensure that participants have internalized the Essential SAFe® cadences and events. After the game, participants will know the two cadences and the corresponding events including purpose, participants, frequency, duration, input and output.


  • Game board to print out in A0 format (PDF)

  • Cards to print out in A5 format and cut out (PDF)

  • Description of the cadences/events to print in A4 format (PDF)

  • Example solution for the moderator, in electronic form for reading (PDF)

  • Virtual version: Miro Board as import file (rtb)

  • Game instructions to print out in A4 format or in electronic form (PDF)

Download and use the wibas Puzzles for SAFe® Events

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