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wibas Remote PI Planning for SAFe

Do you want to do your next PI planning remotely? Then this toolkit is just right for you. It supports you in a playful way to plan and execute your virtual Big Room Planning.

Plan remote PI plannings in a playful way

Planning Interval (PI) Planning is a cadence-based event, the "heartbeat" of an Agile Release Train (ART for short) – and essential in a SAFe® implementation. It serves to align all ART members to a common vision and plan content together. However, ongoing trends such as globalization, the Corona Pandemic or budget constraints increasingly cause Agile teams to work in a distributed manner.

Here, the wibas SAFe® Remote PI Planning Toolkit is a good alternative. It helps you in a playful way:

  • Virtual mapping of work, interaction and communication structures,

  • integrate and network digital tools,

  • take advantage of these tools in several places

  • create a (digital) space for social exchange,

  • Make the agenda of your remote event meaningful.

The toolkit uses miro as a collaboration and whiteboard solution. A high-resolution screenshot of an exemplary board is part of the toolkit. This will give you impetus for your approaches – even if you don't use miro in your company.

Game material

  • Remote PI Planning miro Board (.rtb file)

  • Remote PI Planning miro Board Image (PDF)

  • Remote PI Planning miro Board Frames (PDF)

  • Instruction (this document, PDF)

On the Remote PI Planning miro Board you will find all further instructions and notes regarding the adjustments to be made. Simply start with the "Guidance" frame.

Download and use of the wibas Remote PI Planning

Download the wibas Remote PI Planning Toolkit for free. Just send an e-mail to and receive an email in reply with the password to open the downloaded zip file. Click
icon and download zip file here:

Note: By sending this email, you give wibas permission to contact you in the future regarding SAFe® offerings as well as updates to the wibas Playbook for SAFe®.


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