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Hybrid events: We combine onsite and remote

Hybrid events allow both onsite and remote participation. They offer the opportunity to connect people around the world. They are an attractive alternative to save tight budgets and the environment. But the mix of two worlds needs special solutions. We design it together with you.

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"We combine classic elements with digital solutions and modern technology to make sure your next hybrid event runs smoothly - and is really fun, too."

How does a hybrid event work?

Hybrid events combine classic elements, forms and content with digital solutions and modern technology. Participants can either be on site or follow the event online - including interaction with other participants, trainers and speakers in real time. This presents opportunities, but at the same time brings challenges. To make your event work, keep everyone attentive from start to finish, and have fun along the way, you need to take everyone on the virtual journey - and make them feel like they're up close and personal, even at a distance. A smooth exchange is the be-all and end-all. This means your participants can ask questions, discuss, communicate with speakers and work in a networked manner. Regardless of whether they are in the room or on another continent.

This will make your hybrid event a success.

As a participant, all you need is a fast and stable internet, a pleasant atmosphere and maybe a delicious coffee in your hand. As an organizer, there are other points to consider.

  • Is the necessary technology such as cameras and microphones on site?

  • Is content prepared in a way that works for a hybrid event?

  • Is a reliable streaming platform available?

  • Do your trainers and speakers have experience with hybrid events and virtual communication?

  • Can participants exchange information easily, are there spaces for interaction - such as a chat - and are they well structured?

  • Is the server capacity sufficient for the number of subscribers and the bandwidth of the network?

Effort that pays off

Sure: The first time you run a hybrid event, it takes energy, time and maybe nerves. But it's worth it. Because what is still unusual now will be a common event format in the future that creates real added value for you and your participants. Our experts have the know-how and the equipment to realize a hybrid event together with you. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you - also virtually. 

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