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We are the experts for organizational development. And for agile ways of working and agile mindset. If you are looking for a stringent approach paired with systemic thinking for your change, then we should talk.

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We are experts in organizational Change Management. We don't talk about that much, because change is more about a vision, not the change itself. However, change management or organizational transformation is one of our specialities. wibas stands for organizational transformation that is both stringent and open to change at the same time. The combination of agile and systemic techniques makes this possible. So let's now move on to typical transformation topics that we manage.

Agile Transformation

Our current classic: the Agile Transformation. Together with you, we set up an Agile Transformation, start a joint team, design the organizational vision and accompany you along the way - as far as you want. In the process, you benefit from our years of experience in organizational development and agility. We have summarized our knowledge in our Agile Transformation Framework, which provides concrete assistance for agile organizational development initiatives. If you are planning an agile transformation, let's look into this wealth of experience together. You won't find anything better. Promised. Regardless of what target model you have in mind, Spotify, Scaled Agile Framework, Scrum at Scale, we've done it all - more than once.

QuickStart for your change

Whatever your topic is: We will quickly find a start with you. This includes a clarifying discussion at the beginning. Ideally, next we organize a short but brief workshop together, in which the most important stakeholders (a change coalition) design the change process and define the organizational vision - and then derive the first concrete steps. In other words, we start a "sprint zero of change", so to speak. Our credo is: Change consists of concrete steps and results. And they need a concrete beginning.

Coach or pilot for your change

When making a Change, it's useful to have people on board who have been down the road before. Even though every organization is unique, many topics and issues in the change process are similar. It really helps to have experience in this field. After all, many pitfalls can be avoided if you know how to navigate past them. That is why we provide change pilots or coaches, who accompany your change and contribute their knowledge and ideas. Our support ranges from a few repeated supervision sessions to continuous joint work at the helm of your organizational transformation.

Introduce agile portfolio management

Agile portfolio planning can be a lightweight entry into an agile transformation. Want to make your portfolio management more agile by using agile techniques? Focus more on what really matters? Agile techniques like Kanban can help with this. Let's talk about how we can set up your agile portfolio system together.

Build communities

Also a typical topic: an agile community of practice, sometimes also called a guild. These are self-organized working groups around an area of expertise. Communities or guilds are helpful for coordinating knowledge sharing and associated skill development in certain topics. We help such communities or guilds to get started, and we help to organize their first guild meetings so they get off to a good start.

Value Stories

The value story technique is helpful in addressing culture change as part of a transformation. The value story technique combines the identification of shared values with storytelling to make the values tangible. Addressing the differences between current values and desired values helps build a solid foundation for successful cultural change.

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