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What is an Agility Master?

This is an abstract.

As a leader, an agility master is responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of processes of a team or a unit of multiple teams.

Agility Master: Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Trainer 

Basically, the Agility Master is a generalization of the Scrum Masters from the Scrum Framework. As an Agility Master, however, its focus is even more framework- and method-independent. He supports the events of a team or a unit - depending on the flight altitude at which the Agility Master is traveling. In this way, he shapes the path together with the team and according to the situation: sometimes as a Coach, sometimes as a mentor, facilitator or trainer.

In any case, the Agility Master ensures that cross-team obstructions are removed. It is helpful if several Agility Masters together form an Agility Master Team. The Agility Masters then meet regularly to discuss how to resolve organizational impediments, to share good practices, and to establish a common, organization-wide understanding of Agile work. A good practice here is for the Agility Master Team to be a Kanban Board with the impediments to be solved together and again selects an Agility Master for itself to work with.

Agility Master in Action:

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