Meetup energy industry: ability to deliver despite complex challenges, on 18.06.2024

On June 18, 2024, a Meetup for the energy industry will take place at wibas in Darmstadt. The question will be: how do we ensure a deliverable organization in an environment with complex challenges?

The energy industry is facing major challenges - the days of monopoly structures among energy suppliers are not long gone and the adaptation to today's competitive market has not yet arrived everywhere. In addition, changing regulatory conditions and the transition to digital business processes are creating an unprecedented density of requirements. As a result, organizations are under great pressure to change and adapt, which makes new approaches and structures necessary in order to remain capable of supplying the market in the future.

On 18.06.24 from 13-18h we offer you the space to exchange ideas with like-minded people from the energy industry about the current challenges of the energy industry. With an exciting keynote (still to be coordinated) and a variety of open spaces, we offer an interesting mix of different formats and opportunities for exchange. You will receive many practical examples of collaboration models, strategy processes and personnel development for the future of the energy industry.

The Meetup will take place at our premises in Darmstadt. Participation is free of charge. We would be delighted if you could enjoy a slice or two of pizza with us after the content part from around 6 pm and round off the evening together.