wibas training center for experience based learning

Most of our face-to-face trainings take place in the wibas training center in Darmstadt. Here you will experience a unique atmosphere that implements New Work and promotes creativity.

Plenty of space and light for good learning

Our light-flooded training rooms offer plenty of space for plenary and team work - and the opportunity to get plenty of exercise in between. Floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of the surrounding park give your eyes a break in between.

Exemplary design thinking equipment for active work

To ensure that you can work well, we have the mobile design thinking equipment of the Hasso Plattner Institute on site. This allows you to arrange your work situations in the training in the way that suits you best at the moment. Flipcharts and tool racks with materials are distributed throughout the room. So everything you need for good group work is at your fingertips.

Best coffee bar in Darmstadt

We have the best coffee bar in Darmstadt. Maybe. At least for a training center. Here you'll find a real portafilter machine – and trained baristas will conjure up the type of coffee you like best. And there are healthy snacks and sweets for in between.

3 people talking at a coffee counter

A successful example of a New Work office

While you're there, take a walk through our office. Even after a few years, we still think it's pretty awesome and consider it a prime example of a successful New Work office. We'd love to tell you more about how we brought agile working and space design together.

Manages trainings for you:

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Jana David

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