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More analogization

Everything is calling for digitalization. But that's just the next bit of technological progress, isn't it? And isn't the world of work crying out for analogization, i.e. the rediscovery of everything that has been lost to us in the mechanization of the world of work? That's what issue 04/18 is all about.


More digitization

  • Distributed work? Only with digital support.

  • Digitization only works directly in the market.

  • Do good to others

  • Digitization for business people

  • Digitization in retail

  • Of blue elephants and the brave new world

  • Detlef Dränger, Against!

  • Digital to the SolutionsHH 2018

  • Ten theses on digitization and analogization

More analogization

  • Distributed teamwork sucks.

  • I'm looking you in the eye.

  • My digital family

  • Mindfulness for agilists

  • Stay human

  • Who is actually coaching whom here?

  • Vintage cars are analog and digital.

  • Quite erratic, these signals

  • Hubert Hanger, against!

  • Analogous to SolutionsHH 2018

  • Ten theses on analogization and digitization

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