SAFe - How to make it good

On Wednesday, 08.03.23, wibas is hosting a Meetup in Darmstadt together with the Frankfurt regional group of the Society for Project Management (GPM). The event starts at 6 pm and ends at 9 pm. The Meetup on Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): How to make it good will take place in our offices in Darmstadt. As of now, you can register to be there: there are exciting, interactive talks and workshops for everyone. And there will be plenty of time for networking.

You have the choice between one of 2 presentations on SAFe, afterwards you can playfully design your own agile organization in the workshop. Here are the short abstracts: 

SAFe - Fake Agile or True Agile? - interactive lecture

Malte Foegen and Philipp Erdmann shed light on the following topic with you:
We read a lot of SAFe bashing lately. At agile conferences people confirm to each other how terrible SAFe is. At the same time, SAFe is the most widely used Scaled Agile framework. Is SAFe agile hell? Are the problems true? Or is SAFe great cinema - and agilists are just too dumb? We believe: the problems with SAFe are true and big crap. But the root cause is misunderstandings already with agile at the team level. We then scale this shit to big shit. The solution is up to us: sharpen agile understanding, then re-understand SAFe patterns with that view, and then implement great cinema. The added value for you: We replace at least two big misunderstandings in SAFe with real agile, taking two steps to great agile cinema.

SAFe in a Nutshell  (interactive lecture)

For those who are not yet familiar with the Scaled Agile Framework: Caroline Haußmann will create an easy-to-understand introduction in parallel to Malte's and Philipp's presentation. She will do this interactively with you. Together we derive how agile teams can coordinate and achieve a goal together. At the end you will have understood the design principles of SAFe and the most important elements.

Not Everything is an Agile Release Train (ART): Design Your Agile Organization with the SAFe Puzzle - Workshop

Here you become active as participants: within this workshop the challenges of designing an agile organization will be addressed. We have created a puzzle based on the technique of a systemic constellation. But besides the puzzle pieces for the organization, there are also pieces for collaboration and for artifacts. All parts are based on the elements of the known frameworks. First we will give you a short explanation of the puzzle and show you an example. Afterwards you can work with the puzzle in teams. You can use your organization or our case study. At the end we share the experiences of the teams in the plenary.

You want to attend? Then secure your place now and register: