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wibas is at the SAFe Summit 2023

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On May 16-17 2023 SAI will host the European SAFe Summit in Prague. wibas will be there with a booth and will stand for a SAFe tailored to your organization.

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Two days of concentrated SAFe expertise, customer experiences and networking

Get ready for another great SAFe Summit, all about the EMEA community. Look forward to two days of regionally focused keynotes, technical presentations, customer stories, exhibits and unlimited networking opportunities. Learn how organizations are using SAFe to succeed in a world of change - and practicing agile ways of working to build resilient cultures. Attend and interact with SAFe experts, thought leaders, and SAFe professionals to share best practices, learn, get advice, and network.

wibas awaits you at the Hilton in Prague with a booth. Discuss your questions and challenges with us. We will present our "Agile Organization Puzzle".

Our "Agile Organizational Puzzle" is a workshop format that allows leaders to create a new target state of their organizational design in a low-threshold way through a serious play format.

The Agile Organization Puzzle is based on the technique of a systemic constellation. All parts are based on the elements of the well-known frameworks SAFe, Scrum and Kanban. The parts allow to build on frameworks and think freely at the same time.

A group of people play the Agile organization puzzle

Sign up and experience two exciting days with us.