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Official Scrum Trainings

Which Scrum training fits you? Are you responsible for the quality of a product? Do you want to introduce agile techniques? We account for your training needs with the education that matches your next step.

wibas Netherlands offers for those professionals that want to know the role of the Scrum Master in detail, but do not need a formal certification we offer the un-certified Scrum Master training. 

Please contact Simon Porro for details on the un-certified Scrum Master training. 

Find the right Scrum training:

This two day training is aimed at Product and Project Managers, Quality Managers and Testers, as well as Team Leaders and Developers. The training gives an understanding of the background and principles of Scrum.
This three day course is intended for Product Owners, ScrumMasters, customers, clients, project managers, IT managers and sales consultants. The training addresses how to sell, plan, control and manage agile projects with Scrum.

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