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wibas Kickoff for ART Launch

Are you facing the challenge of starting an Agile Release Train (ART) together with a product management team? This toolkit supports you to successfully plan and execute your next ART.

Implementing the ART in a structured way

Starting and preparing an ART is a crucial moment within a SAFe® transformation. This is because the preliminary considerations and plans for identified value streams now move toward implementation. The transformation to a Lean Enterprise becomes transparent and tangible as ways of working, forms of collaboration and attitudes change. Now it is time to identify, plan and finally implement the activities required for a successful ART launch so that the first PI Planning is a success. A success that also provides motivation and energy for the further transformation project. The toolkit "wibas Kickoff for ART Launch" supports you and the product management team in thinking about the ART Launch together and implementing it in a structured way. Core aspects here are:

  • Formulate motivation and goals for the ART launch

  • ART Canvas fill

  • Design ART Launch Roadmap

Goals of the kickoff

The interactive workshop is the optimal prelude to the launch of your Agile Release Train. The core of the workshop is the formulation of the goals to be pursued with the launch of the ART, the ART Canvas and the ART Launch Roadmap. In addition to the development of the contents, the event also serves to get the product management team started together and to grow together.


The following contents are included:

  • miro board for remote implementation of the workshop (rtb file)

  • miro board as frames (pdf file)

  • Instruction (pdf file)

  • Workshop presentation (pptx file)

Download and use the toolkit

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