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Improving your Scrum with Kanban? You can do it.
Existing Scrum or Scrumban teams can benefit from Kanban. A customer report outside of IT shows how individual aspects of […]
If you understand Kanban, your SAFe will be better.
We believe that SAFe and Kanban can learn from each other. The idea was initiated by SAFe 6.0 with “Flow” as a new, essential aspect.
10 ways to crash your Kanban system
As a coach, trainer and consultant, I frequently come across teams that are having challenges getting their Kanban system up […]
Kanban in a nutshell: impulses to frequently asked questions
Whether you have just started your own team, just finished your Scrum training or have been doing it for a […]
Kanban Set Up Guide
E-T-A has been using lean in production for years – and is expanding its capabilities with agility. As part of […]
What is Agile Portfolio Management?
What is Agile Portfolio Management? Is it classic Portfolio Management with Agile projects or is there more to it? Suppose […]