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What does management mean in the agile world? Malte’s thoughts.
At this year’s GOTO Conference in Copenhagen, Malte talked about the topic of management. What is management? How can we […]
SAFe is not the Problem
I read a lot of SAFe bashings lately. But SAFe is not the problem, it isn’t. Let us see why – and what we could do better.
Change down the adoption curve: 5 groups for sustainable change
In organizations, changes are always on the horizon. As humans, we generally adapt to minor changes almost automatically. For larger […]
Descaling instead of scaling: Why scaled agility should simplify the organization.
  More cheese, more holes More holes, less cheese More cheese, less cheese Is this paradox cheese? Possibly. And is […]
How do you “scale” agility? An interview with Malte Foegen.
How do you decide which agile approaches to take out of the agile toolbox when it comes to creating an […]