Delegation Poker

The wibas Delegation Poker cards help to agree on responsibilities between leadership and team. Because it is often not easy to find the right amount of delegation. Succeed with this set of cards in a playful way.

Find the right balance

Negotiating responsibilities between a team and its leadership is often difficult. The art lies in finding the right balance, being transparent, communicating clearly and deciding together. This deck of cards is a tool for leaders and teams to reach consensus in a time-limited discussion.

Delegation Poker Card Deck (german)

Delegation Poker Card Deck (german)

This deck of cards is a tool for leaders and teams to reach consensus in the negotiation of responsibilities.
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This deck consists of seven decks of seven cards each (for seven people) and a quick guide. In addition, a 16-page instruction is included. We use this tool with our customers and sell it here at cost price.

Seven levels of delegation

Delegation Poker in this structure is an idea from Jurgen Appelo's Management 3.0. The model provides for seven levels of delegation and takes both sides into account: Delegator and Team. The levels of delegation are:

  • Proclaim: I instruct.

  • Sell: I decide and try to convince you.

  • Consult: I ask for your opinion, but decide for myself.

  • Agree: We decide together.

  • Advised: I give recommendations, but you decide. 

  • Inquire: I will inquire after you have decided.

  • Delegate: You decide alone and do not have to inform me.

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