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Do you have a talent for strategic topics and a desire to expand our Scaled Agile business? We have created a "persona" for this and hope it's you!

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wibas wants to strengthen the Scaled Agile business area

We want to do it better - better than all the other consultancies, better than the frameworks say. We envision a world that sees SAFe, LeSS & Co. as helpful tools. The goal is to really anchor agility in large organizations - without dogmas, without rivalry between the models - because it's not about the frameworks, but what moves the organization forward.

Our customers include DAX corporations and large SMBs that want to establish agile ways of working in complex structures. The usefulness of SAFe, LeSS and Co. and our extensive experience in agility form the basis. We bring this to diverse projects - from coaching individual agile release trains to holding SAFe trainings to transforming to an agile scaled organization. And you are expected to shape this business expansion as a thought leader.

Flipchart excerpt for a "thought leader" persona for a job adYou bring experience, personality, strategic talent and true agile mindset to the table

You have solid experience in consulting in large enterprises and live Scrum, Kanban and Lean. You are a SAFe Practice Consultant and understand how scaling can be implemented in large organizations in a value-adding and sustainable way. Based on your expert knowledge in agile, you perform confidently but unarrogantly - at C-level, in transformations of large organizations and in the trainer role. You also have a desire to become an SPCT (or in our dreams, already are). In your agile understanding, SAFe is the dominant but not the sole magic bullet - but a framework to be tailored for the customer.

The tasks are varied and the scope for creativity enormousPostits with task description

As a thought leader, you are responsible for the topic of scaling: thanks to your in-depth experience, you have ideas for the development of business areas, inspire and drive wibas colleagues and are a role model for an agnostic scaling view. In particular, you can motivate the scaling team to develop new things together:

  • innovative solutions for the customer

  • new scaling products

  • more wibas visibility in the market through lectures, networking events and publications.

And of course, you'll work with your scaling team colleagues in responsible roles on client engagements: You'll work with the client to develop a step-by-step, needs-based approach to a scaled organization. In a SAFe implementation, you design agile release trains, train business owners, release train engineers, product owners and scrum masters and support them as a sparring partner. You raise awareness for topics such as communication, leadership and training and create the basis for a learning organization: You promote mindsets and attitudes in which agile values and principles are anchored.

We welcome your skills and ideas on artificial intelligence!

Our customers are increasingly asking us to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their business processes. If you have expertise in supporting customers in the development of innovative AI-supported solutions, you can make our customer world not only more agile, but also more technologically innovative!

Postits with descriptions of the name and profession of a "thought leader" personaAt wibas agility pervades everything

wibas works agile and also organizes itself according to Scrum and LeSS. We design how we work - and live what we advise. Professional working, agile values, effectiveness and delivering value are important to us. Not only with clients, but also in agile networks. We are a professional and experienced team that meets you at eye level. Because we create our vision together, we all stand behind it. Our flexibility and creativity form the basis for our success, as do regular exchanges and joint thinking and learning. You can expect a job full of exciting and varied challenges. What is never neglected: fun and playful interaction in our work. Promoting your personal and professional skills is a matter of course for us.

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